In All Rooms

  •  Dust (lifting dusting putting back down)
  •  Vacuum moving what we can and vacuuming under 
  •  Windex ( using spray way brand glass cleaner)
  •  Dust ceiling fan
  •  Change and remake beds if sheets are left out
  •  Vacuum and mop floors
  •  Empty garbage
  •  Cobweb when needed
  •  Wipe window sills
  • Shake or vacuum rugs
  • Vacuum dog beds​


  • Scrub and sanitize showers and bathtubs ( treat mold) and check for soap scum and dry them
  •  Scrub and sanitize sinks, vanities  and dry them
  •  Clean mirrors
  •  Shine chrome in sinks and tubs
  •  Wipe fronts of cabinets
  •  Clean exhaust vent
  •  Clean toilet inside and out and dry
  •  Make towels look pretty
  •  Clean soap dishes
  •  Clean floor

Residential Cleaning

What We Use!

Carpet: We use The Shark hepa filter system vacuums
Hard floors: We use The Kenmore canister vacuum.
Mopping: We use Bona mops and microfiber mops that come off to get washed every day.

What We Do!


  •  Sanitize  all counters
  •  Clean outside of all appliances
  •  Empty all garbage and recycling
  •  Wipe fronts of cabinets including getting a ladder and doing high end shelves, and high cabinets
  •  Clean tables 
  •  Scrub and sanitize sinks
  •  Clean microwave
  •  Clean stove including drip pans,    grates,  outside hood, etc.
  •  Clean floor
  •  Clean top of fridge
  • Clean coffee pot carafe and grounds
  •  Clean toaster crumb tray
  •  Empty dishwasher upon request
  •  Take out garbage and recycling
  •  Clean water dispenser drip pan
  •  Clean stainless with stainless cleaner

Laundry Room

  • Wipe off washer/dryer
  • Wipe counters and sinks
  • Empty garbage
  •  Clean floor
  •  Weiman stainless steel 
  • Natural stone floor cleaner
  • Dawn soap
  • Bleach 

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Locally Owned and Operated 🌲 Licensed, Bonded and Insured

  • Soft Comet
  • Sprayway glass cleaner
  • Honest multi-purpose
  • Method tub and tile